1. Are green light driving school recognized by the insurance industry?
Green light Driving School is a MINISTRY APPROVED Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. Once you successfully graduate from green light Driving school you can obtain your Drivers Licence History form from any Service Ontario and present it to your insurance company.
2. Can I start the course without my G1?
You can start the course without your G1, but you must have it by the time you are ready to start your driving lessons
3. How early can I go for my ministry roadtest?
If you take our ministry-approved course, you can take your test after waiting a minimum of 8 months from date of license issue. Otherwise you must wait a minimum of 1 year.
4. How Qualified are Green Light Driving School Instructors?
Quality is often a word that is misused when it comes to driver education organizations. This is not the case when it comes to Green Light driving school. . We want to provide our students with the best driver education available and in doing so invest in our driver instructors. .our students require a specific number of hours in the classroom and on the road education to ensure that they are providing the highest quality and performance when it comes to teaching its students. Annual driver's abstracts are also pulled on all instructors, with a criminal record search pulled every 3 years.
5. How do I cancel an in-car lesson?
Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice beforecancelling an in-car lesson by informing your in-car instructo Otherwise, the student will be charged a $30 cancellation fee which must be paid before the Students next scheduled in-car lesson or before receipt of a Certificate of Completion, as applicable.
6. Where will I get picked up for my in-car lessons?
Our instructors will pick you up at your home (as long as you livewithin the same city/town as our office). You’ll also be returned home after the lesson is completed. If you live outside the city/town as our office, you will need to make arrangements to be picked up/dropped off at a local point. You can discuss this with your instructor upon booking your in-car lesson.
7. How long will it take to complete your Ontario drivers ed course?
The in-class portion takes 4 full days to complete. Each class is scheduled, and you must be available for the duration of each scheduled class. The in-car lessons, however, are flexible around the schedules of our young drivers. The complete course must be completed within 1 year from the course start date.
8. Is there a payment plan?
Yes, you can pay half of the course fee on the 1st in-class lesson and the other half on your 1st in-car lesson.
9. What if I need more than 10 hours of in-car lessons?
Our instructors attempt to schedule the lessons in such a way that allows you to learn all the necessary skills within the first 6 lessons. This allows us to dedicate the last 4 lessons for review and practice. If you still require more lessons after that, feel free to schedule more lessons with your instructor. If you think you might need more than 10 lessons at the time of registration, let us know. We might be able to save you more money when you purchase additional lessons in advance.
10. How do I get an appointment for a road test?
You can log on to www.drivetest.ca, or your instructor, or our office can book your test for you.


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